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Each section of the cemetery are called "Gardens", we offer ten locations at this time with room for expansion. The secions/gardens are:


Garden 1 : Christ Garden. The first garden built when the cemetery was established in 1964. The first feature installed is a Statue of Christ in prayer in the center of the garden.

Garden 2: Cross Garden. A large White Cross which is visible from the main road and represents the Cemetery.

Garden 3: Time Garden. Features a large Heliochronometer (Sundial) in the center of the garden viewable from the main road. Has steps and a walkway leading to it.

Garden 4: Nature Garden. A smaller garden along the edge of the cemetery property line with trees and a horse farm next door. Was originally called the Horse Garden but the new owners changed the name to the Nature Garden in 2005 when they purchased the cemetery.

Garden 5: Veterans Garden. An American Flag flies proudly over the cemetery twenty-four hours a day, and is lit up at night. Only cremation spaces are available in this garden so for full burials of our veterans or service men and women, we have a section in Garden 9 called the Honors Garden.

Garden 6: The Founders Garden. Named for the founders of Cleburne County Memorial Gardens, Frank and Lurlyene Rogers, who chose this garden as their final resting place.

Garden 7: The Deer Garden. Features a beautiful bronze deer statue that stands proudly in the center of this garden.

Garden 8: The Peace Garden. A statue of St. Francis of Assai stands in the center. We have our chapel where all full burial services are held, this is on the east side of the garden. We have found with experience that funerals are conducted better and safer and family and visitor parking for the procession lines are better served at the chapel.

Garden 9: Three Crosses/Honor Garden. There are two sections to this garden. On the south side are Three beautiful Wood Crosses. On the North side is the Honors Garden with a wall in the center that features six different bronze memorials. The four corner memorials are dedicated to the branches of the armed forces, in the center is a bronze memorial for law enforcement and for firefighters, this was placed and dedicated to them on 9/11. You do not have to be a service person to be interred here, it is open for anyone.

Garden 10: Columnbarium. This upright feature has niches to hold up to two cremations. A niche plate is placed on the front of the double secured doors and there are two benches in front for visitors comfort.

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